Professional portrait photography

The symbolic capital of a company is embodied by the people in it. It is the human value that so translates success and to a greater extent its future. Introducing its collaborators to the exterior world via professional social networks, websites or else various company publications is nowadays crucial for a business. In their capacity as ambassadors, they carry and convey the company’s image. Therefore it is important to make sure of the nicest display through individual and group corporate portraits in particular, converting the company’s image and showing an overall global cohesion.

The key to a successful company portrait

Equipped with a light and mobile studio, Blitz photographers are sent to your premises. The subject operates within his natural work space, this way he can safely and truly offer his best. Any other scenographic configuration may be possible, provided the project meets your expectations (natural setting, work situation, relations with customers, etc).

Coherence in photo portraits displayed on social networks

« Social networks are more powerful than media », according to Town Center for Digital Journalism in New-York. The 2016 rankings of the most important social networks lists below the best-known in the following order: Facebook  (1), Youtube (2), WhatsApp (3), Instagram (8), Twitter (10), Snapchat (11), Pinterest (17), Linkedin (21), etc. From now on, social networks give the day-to-day business its tempo and strengthen the company’s image throughout the world. Within our society, imagery is everywhere, and like an argued text, a corporate portrait can tell a lot both about the image and the functioning of a business. A photography by Blitz brings an additional dimension and moreover it is an invitation to identify and personify. In other words, a photography by Blitz builds a climate of trust and confidence.

Portrait photo in « staff photo gallery » mode

The company’s organisation chart represents the skeleton that supports all the activities taken care of by professionals.

Blitz has now specialised in developing in both form and content an organised arrangement of portraits that must reflect both the obvious human dimension and the expertise of the collaborator. The composition of staff is by nature changing. Blitz pledges to react quickly should new collaborators enter your company’s organisation chart.

Dynamic commercial offers with team photos

Introduce your teams along with your business proposals thanks to high-quality corporate photo portraits.

A photo portrait for all your editorial needs

On a regular basis, photographers at Blitz Agency participate in publications (from cultural magazines to corporate publications). Corporate portraits illustrate articles and interviews with journalists. This particular approach in the realisation of pictures takes into account the publication’s editorial strategy (in particular the corporate identity and the content of remarks). In conjunction with the communication and marketing services, the photographer examines each specific case and then creates a picture, a unique rendition.
In this respect, Blitz also proposes to build a corporate image bank, thus allowing customers - if need be - to provide media and therefore control the favoured message.

The group picture as a key element for company portrait

Nowadays, corporate photography undoubtedly reflects the company’s harmony, displayed values and serenity. An exercise in composition that demands undeniable skills and an accurate procedure.
Blitz has been known for its stylish photographies for 15 years. Both Laurent Antonelli and Michel Zavagno know about complexity and impact these images can have. It all begins with a chat.