Object, product and art photography

Blitz has acquired an unquestioned expertise in the field of precise reproduction of objects, products and works of art. Blitz, being attentive to satisfy its customers’ communication needs, has developed and has improved this specialised service. Blitz’s professional approach resides in a methodical know-how with the aim of favouring the aesthetic and high-quality dimension of any material. From its best angle, an object can reveal its fullness and its photographic reproduction honours its complex manufacturing methods. Likewise a really sophisticated image highlights the essence of artistic creation. This is this aspect of our work that will be visible and glorified both in various catalogues and brochures, and in online websites
Object, product and art photography demands greater care on details. Our in-door photo studio at Blitz is equipped to create the best reproduction conditions. Furthermore a photography unit allows us to work on site at our customers’ place. In order to realise this project in particular, Blitz Agency escorts its clients and adjusts to be more responsive to the most extreme situations (from the ballpoint of a pen to imposing works of art).

A packshot according to your specific needs

A packshot may be defined as a high-quality photography. Multiple-use, this advanced technique, perfectly mastered by Blitz, contributes to enhance the represented objects with great accuracy from a unusual perspective. Efficient from a marketing viewpoint, highlighting promotional-wise, this technique allows objects to gain a rather tremendous quality and above all this technique proves to be fundamental so as to appreciate every detail of the products on sale on websites and on online catalogues.

On an industrial scale, using the packshot technique proves to be invaluable, especially at the time of applying for a patent. Object photography is governed by rigorously strict standards. It also contributes to provide better protection for intellectual property rights.

Works of art reproduction

Passionate about art, the managers at Blitz take particular care in works of art reproduction. This is what makes Blitz different from any another photo agency. This creative identity shows through photographies by Blitz : specific demands from art experts, respect of the artist’s work and respect of the entirety and the essence of works of art. Finally what shows perseverance and rigour: the truth of light, the material and impasto perception.
Art photography remains an exciting challenge. Above all and as in most cases, moving a work of art is impossible, therefore Blitz endeavours to transpose faithfully the exhibition usual environment. This is a constraint that Blitz has been mastering for many years.


The concept of culinary design, although it has only recently emerged, has always triggered Blitz managers’ curiosity. Besides, Blitz works with customers in restaurants and in the food service sectors. Showcasing à la carte dishes and edible produces is a meticulous process. Illustrating recipes is true art. It is part and parcel of the concept of well-being that Blitz likes to relay with its realisations. A photography can be tasteful. This is a noble ambition.
Whatever object you wish to showcase, whatever your needs, please contact us at Blitz Photo Agency for more information.